Training Log: 11th March 2018

Strava hates me. I’m convinced of it.

The app on my phone has been acting up lately. It refuses to record entire segments of one of my regular running routes. 

The run is a 5.8km out-and-back, down a hill and climbing up again. The app likes to skip the downward leg. Sometimes it skips much more. The last time I ran the route, Strava logged 1.06km in a time of 30 minutes exactly. In other words, 28:17/km pace; just over 2 km/h.

2 km/h.

That’s slower than a penguin. A penguin! I mean, have you seen a penguin?! They just teeter about the place, constantly on the brink of falling flat on their smug little beaks.

Maybe that’s what Strava is trying to tell me? Maybe it’s saying I run like a penguin?

Or worse.

It’s trying to warn me that everyone thinks I run like a penguin. And they talk about me behind my back.

Or is it just that:


Days to Kerry Way Ultra Lite: 180
Training kilometres last week: 8.6 (Strava), 17.4 (me)