Training Log—17th March 2018: The Hate Relationship


I like the idea of running more than I do the actual act of running at the moment.

I don’t know where rock bottom is (I can’t find it on any map), but that’s where my motivation lives currently.

The Kerry Way Ultra Lite (KWU Lite) is still 175 days away, so there is no reason for concern. Although, maybe my motivation is low because it’s so far away? If a deadline is generous enough, it may as well not exist for people like me. If I had to build… I dunno... a ship, let’s say a ship, and you gave me two years, I’d probably wait until the week before the delivery date to look at the job. I might even get it done. (I won’t recommend booking passage on the maiden voyage, though.)

I did (finally) put a training plan in my diary. I went for a 50k plan, rather than a 50-mile plan. KWU Lite is 58 km, parts of it over tough terrain, so I had considered training for the race as if it were a 50-miler. Until I saw a 50-mile training plan. Screw that.

Instead, I’m going back to my original plan: train for a 50k and grind out the last 8km on the day. I’m not saying this is sensible.

The training plan itself doesn’t kick in until early June. I could feasibly have trained for a late May/early June marathon to keep me motivated, before starting the training cycle for KWU Lite. But I ran three marathons in 6 months last year and it left me in pieces. Maybe that’s part of the problem now? I’m still feeling the after effects? I’ll take the easy answer and say, “Yes.”

 For now, my plan is to start running regularly again. Get a rhythm going.

Days to Kerry Way Ultra Lite: 175
Training kilometres last week: 22.2 (Strava), 23.0 (me)
Number of runs last week: 4 (Strava and I agree on this)

Roger Overall