Training Log—15th April, 2018: Body Shock


I had a terrible running week.

My business (Show & Tell Communications) has a lot of work on. As the lead creative and the person who does much of the actual production and post-production, I shoulder a heavy burden. It's just where we are as a company at the moment. It's not helped by the fact that I could have outsourced some post-production on a current project but didn't. I wasn't thinking clearly.

Lesson learned. I hope so at least.

Whatever—the 14-hour work days took their toll this week, mentally and physically. At one point, I couldn't speak due to some sort of constriction around my throat and chest. I couldn't sneeze, either. That's quite an experience, I can tell you. You really want to, but you just can't draw in enough breath to ignite the sneeze.

To cap it all off, my daughter had her Confirmation this week. A big deal in a country like Ireland.

And so running was the victim. Two runs, totalling 11.6km. While I'm not overly concerned, I realise that the training cycle for the Kerry Way Ultra Lite starts in a few weeks. I don't feel ready.

The coming week will also be an intense one in terms of work. It doesn't bode well for running again.

Days to Kerry Way Ultra Lite: 145
Training kilometres last week: 10.6 (Strava), 11.6 (me)
Number of runs last week: 2 (Strava and I agree on this)