Training Log—8th April, 2018: Won't and Can't


My daughter is one of my best friends. She's just become a teenager, so we'll see how long that lasts. For now, she is someone whose company is a sheer joy. We share a sense of humour. We both like drawing. At 13, she is already better than I am. I wonder how far she'll take it.

Her superpower is logic. It makes winning arguments with her very hard. Mostly, I have to rely on, "Because I'm your father and I say so." If I ever enter a 100-mile event, she would be a valuable crew asset. There would be no reasoning with her if I wanted to drop out.

I often dream of entering a 100-miler. I see it as some sort of end goal (though there's always the next challenge, isn't there?). 100 miles is four times farther than I've ever gone on foot and well beyond my current levels of physical and mental fitness.

I think I'd like to accomplish it before I turn 60. That gives me just under 10 years. The same time frame I've set myself to build an income from cartooning big enough to pay all the bills.

Days to Kerry Way Ultra Lite: 152
Training kilometres last week: 26.6 (Strava), 29.2 (me)
Number of runs last week: 5 (Strava and I agree on this)

Roger Overall